Our Atelier

Each and every one of our creations is created at our Milanese atelier, which has always been the backbone of the Villa Milano brand. We work with close and constant communication between the boutique and our committed artisans who produce one-of-a-kind pieces every day. Their minute attention to detail breathes life into precious jewellery that is both elegant and timeless.

Our Villa artisans still use the same tools as Benvenuto Villa did in the very beginning and treatments handed down over generations, all the while developing innovative techniques and experimenting with new materials that combine tradition and modernity. Goldsmiths and setters work together to produce unique pieces with the exclusive appeal that only artisanal production can offer.

It is the colour and cut of a stone and the sensations that it inspires that form the idea for the piece of jewellery that it will become. No two stones are alike, which makes every creation a one-off piece where the charm of imperfection is what defines its singularity.