Our History

The Villa Milano maison was founded in 1876 by the brilliant Benvenuto Villa. A goldsmith, sculptor and alchemist of renown, he exhibited his jewellery and sculptures at the great World Fairs of the time. In 1889, he was awarded a gold medal at the Paris Exhibition for a modular “cube” sculpture in silver that was extremely modern and avantgarde for the time.

Many prestigious awards would follow that of the Paris Exhibition, earning the Villa Milano jeweller the international fame and recognition that it still enjoys today. More than 100 years of history in which tradition and innovation have intertwined to build a unique brand that rises above the rest of the Italian jewellery sector.

Now in the hands of the fifth generation, sisters Alice and Francesca Villa, the company is experiencing a phase of transformation where enthusiasm, femininity and elegance have led to further global expansion under the banner of Villa Milano’s cardinal values: quality, refinement and innovation.