cubo scultura medaglia oro esposizione Parigi

In the beggining was the idea



Benvenuto Villa founded l'atelier
The company was founded in 1876 by Benvenuto Villa( 1846-1914 ).
Goldsmith, sculptor and alchemist, for his lifetime will search in vain the formula to produce an alloy of gold black, funding experiments with creative jewelry and sculptures in gold and silver. He will then participate in the great universal exhibitions of the time. Example of his fervent imagination is the modern decomposable silver sculpture "cube": he was awarded the gold medal at the famous Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889.
 Benvenuto Villa fonda l’atelier


Bronze medal at the Milan exposition in 1881 -
Bronze medal at the Turin exposition in 1888 -


Decomposable silver sculpture "cube": he was awarded the gold medal at the Paris Exposition in 1889 (opening of the Eiffel Tower)

Gold medal award at Paris Exposition in 1889


Gold medal at Paris Exposition in 1891 -
Gold medal at Milan exposition in 1894 -
Silver medal in Paris in 1900 -

2° generation


Giuseppe Villa
His son Joseph (1890-1961) took over. He opened a laboratory in via S. Maurilio and then in Via Manzoni. He developed the production of goldworking perfecting the ancient technique of a special pattern in gold, up to patent the never equaled "tissue Villa", a versatile web of golden threads that fit the body like a soft velvet, bought by all the biggest jewelers of that time.

Among his most famous creations, a reproduction of the Iron Carolingian Crown, kept in the Cathedral of Monza, offered by the Duke of Acquarone to Princess Iolanda of Savoy, on the occasion of his marriage with Count Calvi di Bergolo.

3° generation


Shop in via Manzoni 9
In 1930 his wife Isotta (1891-1957), opened the shop in Via Manzoni 9, at the historic Hotel Continental; she then drag into the adventure her young son Adelio (1922-1984), a veteran of the Brera Academy , which already showed a strong artistic side.

After the war, the company, thanks to the strong personality of Adelio and his brother Alessandro (1927-2011), became firmly established for the quality of the gems and the originality of the models particularly appreciated by the high society of Milan hanging out in places like Baretto and Biffi Scala.

Many pieces remains famous reminding that time such as rich parures of Burmese rubies, Kashmir sapphires as well as the diamond necklace tremblant called "Spray" and the romantic brooches "Landscape " and "Branch".


International Prize
International Prize for opera "Golden Scala" in 1964

4° generation


Filippo and Marco Villa
Since 1980, with the fourth generation, represented by Filippo (1957) and Marco (1961-2014), the tradition continues : exclusive models, masterfully executed by the best staff of artisans of the city, offeri the sophisticated clientele of the era of the " pret à porter", a perfume from old atelier couture more than ever rare and welcome.


In 1995, the brothers decided to be the first to relaunch the use of cufflinks , entered the history of costume from the eighteenth century and forgotten in the last twenty years . No more yellow gold and diamonds but the novelty lies in the mix and match of the different colors and materials : lapis lazuli, jade, rock crystal, onyx, coral, mother of pearl, hematite decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires highlighted by original combinations of precious stones, valuable gems, pearls and rare shells. Cufflinks tease the taste of more sophisticated dandy and elegant men who buy them for pleasure, mania, collection or simply to have fun.
 Gemelli da polso

5° generation


Damascus steel
Five generations have now crossed the threshold of jewelry, more than a hundred years of history, tradition and innovation keep on.
In 2012, Filippo has created a new collection of precious rings using the ancient technique of Damascus steel.

Alternating layers of different steels with high carbon content are the novelty of this two years.


Francesca Villa (1989)
In 2014 Francesca, Filippo’s niece, already in the company since 2012 has taken the place of his father Marco and brought a touch of femininity and youth to a company that needs to keep pace with the times. The company has began trunk shows abroad such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, private events in Milan and London.


Big news of 2015 is the new version of Villa’s website that becomes e- commerce in order to launch the brand all over the world without forgetting the singularity and the preciousness of maintaining a unique boutique only in the Milanese reality.